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Generous Men

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Gary Sutton

Gary founded VAR Technology Finance (VAR) in 1988 after a successful career in the technology industry. From 1988-2019, Gary led VAR to be the largest leasing and finance company within the technology finance channel and the 5th largest independent equipment finance and leasing company in the U.S. by annual volume of financing.  At the time of its sale to People’s United Bank in 2019, VAR had revenues approaching $200 million and had provided financing for over 40,000 businesses throughout the U.S. including many major corporations and businesses of all sizes.

Gary and his son, Jordan, are managing partners at Sutton Firm. He is also the founder and CEO of Sutton International, a charitable organization specializing in providing support and resources for Christian and various non-profit organizations.

Gary currently serves on a number of non-profit boards including Southwestern Assemblies of God University and is an Ambassador for Stand Together, a non-profit founded by Charles Koch, which empowers people dedicated to helping others improve their lives.

Gary’s passion is using creativity and strategy to help people and organizations create greater value within society. He strongly believes that 1) non-profit, faith-led organizations and businesses can and must lead the charge in creating greater good in our society, and 2) developing meaningful relationships, whether personal, business or faith, is paramount in each of us living a fulfilling life. His desire is to help as many people as possible achieve these goals.

Gary enjoys traveling, golf, tennis, hiking and especially spending time with family. Gary has been married to Sheree for 37 years. They have three happily married children who are all actively involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from the financial, film, and technology industries. The Suttons also have three amazing grandchildren whom they enjoy very much.

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Max Fincher

Max currently serves as President of CSM, Inc., a tenant-finish company he started in 1987. Along with a commitment to his commercial clients, Max has structured his life to serve in areas of human care and philanthropy for more than 30 years. Max’s leadership skills have afforded him the opportunity to participate in numerous endeavors that have brought hope and life sustainment to people in need.

Max has served on numerous non-profits, constructed buildings to serve people, led mission trips, and notably created an infrastructure for a self-sustaining tilapia farm at an orphanage in Mexico. Helping kids has been a central focus most of his life. Over the years Max and his wife, Laura, have helped support more than 10 under-resourced children in impoverished countries.

Two organizations especially important to Max are Laundry Love and Compassion First. Max presently serves on the board of directors of Laundry Love, which seeks to bring love and dignity through providing clean clothes to the under-served. Compassion First provides restoration, hope, and healing for a better tomorrow for trafficked girls through housing and education in parts of Indonesia.

In the last 15 years, Max has sought out unique ways of coming alongside the poor and neglected in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. By building a beautiful trailer with an Italian wood burning pizza oven, he has fed and befriended hundreds while also influencing others to come alongside and help those in need.

Influencing men to become more useful to the world they live in, is an ongoing passion for Max. One of his life’s rhythms is to gather guys together to learn and make a change for good. To that end, Generous Men of Texas was established.

Max and Laura have been married 46 years and have two daughters and five grandchildren.


Zane Sipes

Zane Sipes is a real estate investor and also serves as associate pastor at ClearPath Church. His business specializes in house renovations and rentals, while he was instrumental in starting the church soon after marrying his wife of 13 years, Tiffani. The couple has two sons, Levi and Luke.

Zane cares for people who find themselves in a place needing help, and for kids who can’t control the circumstances they are often in. He believes strongly in the mission of Generous Men of Texas and has said that if doors can be opened for individuals and families that didn’t see to be there, then that is satisfying and fulfilling.

He further adds that if there is something that he can do with what he has been blessed with to help change the life of kids who can’t help themselves that he is totally in.


Richard Hovas

Richard Hovas is a civil engineer and serves as vice president and as a partner in environmental inspection company Stormcon, a business that does permitting through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Richard started the company in 1996 and has also served as owner. He also served as the president and owner of civil engineering firm Tipton Engineering. 
Richard and his wife, Liz, have been married for 40 years and have two children and two grandchildren. He is a practicing Catholic and native of Mississippi, where he earned his undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University.

Presley Swagerty


Presley Swagerty

Preseley is a renowned networker, successful businessman, author and speaker. He has built an incredibly large networking business that has driven 7+ billion dollars in revenue to the company’s top line. He is a major shareholder for Global Innovation Corporation, a printed circuit board company, where he serves on the Board of Directors and is Chairman of the compensation committee. Presley also owns: Swagerty Investments, a real estate investment company, and is founder of the Swagerty Auto Group, which has six dealerships and a finance company. 


Presley and his wife of 37 years, Jeanie, live in Heath, TX. They are blessed with an amazing family; children SaraBeth and Jordan, his wife Nikki, and their three kids, Grayson, Willa, and Tatum. Presley and Jeanie attend Prestonwood Baptist Church.







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